Keys And Chords
1) Congratulations with ‘Dusk And Void became Alive’. In my opinion the
best Die Verbannten Kinder Evas-album ever. Do you agree?

sure it is the best for me, otherwise i would not have released it;-) i
just mean each album is always a reflection of my current taste and so i
always make the album in the way i like it best for my current taste.
maybe if i would have heard the new album in the times of "come heavy
sleep" i would have prefered this album to the new one, as i surely had
reasons those times to let this album sound as it sounds, but for now
the new one is definitely the best for me

2) What would you consider to be the biggest difference with earlier
work ‘In Darkness let me dwell’? After hearing the album: I discover 4
differences: less male vocals, less percussion, for the first time a
soprano (Christina) in the higher registers and more piano parts. Agree?

yes i almost agree in all the points you mentioned.

there are surely less male and more female vocals on this album than on
any other album. the reason for this was that i simply liked the new
voice of christina and also never considered my voice as super great, it
was just ok for the music, but always the female vocals meaned more for
me than mine. originally the new songs contained quite a lot of male
vocals as i first thought that the old suinger tania will sing and as
she has a very narrow pitchrange it was not very easy to make 2-vocal
tunes for her, but with christina who can sing very high and also quite
deep it was no problem.

well i only agree partly to the point with the percussion as there are
surely less songs on the album with kettle drums adn there are no march
drums at all this time, but on the other hand the ones with kettle drums
have much more complex rhythms with much more notes than on the album
before where the drums only played very primitive and straight rhythms.

yes and definitely the vocals are higher than ever before. actually i
always want6ed that, but with tania it was not possible as she had
almost an alt-voice.

for me the new album is a kind of combination of "come heavy sleep" and
"in darkness let me dwell". on CHS i was finally able to create huge
polyphonic orchestral tunes and combine as many tunes i wanted as
possible. on the other hand on "in darkness let me dwell" i finally felt
the desire for make music that can have a cool mood without many layer
focusing more on the vocal tunes. on the new album i combined the high
polyphonic structure of the keyboards and added also high polyphonic
tunes to the vocals.

3) I fell for the DVKE already in 1997. I was wandering around in a
music store and I discovered your first album (the one with the castle
on the cover). I bought it, listened it, and you gained yourself a new
fan. But I have never understand why such a hard name for a band. It is
not really commercial, although I fell for it. Do you consider yourself
to be Kain or Abel ;-) ?

first i must say that i totally suck in finding new names, none of the
names of my musical projects are created by myself; the same goes for
DVKE. actually in the times when silenius was still member in this band
we searched for lyrics in a renaissance choral booklet, and finally
silenius discovered this line "die verbannten kinder evas", which we
immediately liked as it spreads a very mystic and solemn mood and did
not care so much how hard it is for non german speaking person. actually
none of us is religious at all; the name is taken from a religious
theme but does not reflect our personal believes at all.

4) What the most important to DVKE? Text or Music?

definitely the music as i am composer and no poet at all. if i would
consider the lyrics as more important i would write poems instead of
writing music. i simply feel much more comfortable in creating new tunes
than in writing lines, thats why i always took lyrics from other authors
such as B.P.Shelley or Downland and this time from a friend called
grigorii petrenko. sure i like good lyrics very much, and am happy to
read them if i like a song very much, but i would never listen to a
boring song with great lyrics, but for sure to a great song with boring

5) Also this time all texts by written by somebody else. Why these two
authors (John Dowland & Grigori Petrenko)?

well as explained above i consider myself as a lousy poem writer and
therefore leave this work up to people who are really talented for this.

6) Is there a main theme/subject that combines the nine songs? What do
you mean by the title: Dusk and Void became alive?

no there is no main theme. the lyrics from dowland are taken from old
songs he composed at the renaissance times. those songs have no
connection and therefore there can not be a theme threw all the songs.
also the poems from grigorii are separate ones.

i think it makes no sense to explain titles and lyrics as each person
should get an own imagination of them. all lyrics are on the homepage
and free for everyone to read them.

7) How is the cover design to be interpreted? I see a skull, so death.
But nothing seems to be alive ;-) ?

for the cover i used a photos of a small ornament of the stephans
cathedral in vienna which i took specially for the new album. i like to
make dark and morbid images for DVKE. i think that the music of DVKE
reminds on times that are already passed since many centuries, so morbid
pictures which look as if they are almost decaying go for me well with
the music. but surely i know that for most people the cover has a much
darker effect than the music, but that is ok for me

8) Where do you get your inspiration for the music? Any other bands,
classical composers, local folk music?

since many years i don't get much inspiration from other bands. actually
i mainly listen to dark electro bands like "leather strip", "acylum",
"infakt" etc that surely has nothing in common with the music of DVKE.
the best ideas i get when i am sitting in my studio infront of my
keyboard and play around without thinking to much. so i get good ideas
which i later form to a full song.

9) I have only see 1 time DVKE on stage. That was during a concert in
Belgium, on 12th septembre 1998 (at Gent). You played before Goethes
Erben. Do you happen to have any memory of that concert?

yes i have a clear memory. it was very fine, and i liked also the show
of "goetes erben" very much (although i never was a real fan of the band
when just listening to the album without all those visual aspects). but
the visual performance in combination with the music had a great effect.

10) Can we expect a tour of DVKE? Will Belgium be included? Or is DVKE
more a studio-project?

no for sure not, the problem is that with christina living in athens i
can not make rehearsals so a live concert would be to risky and second i
simply have not time as i have also my other 2 musical projects (ice
ages and summoning), a full time job and a private live.