releases - DVKE
Self Titled

This is the debut album of DVKE. It contains songs composed by silenius (my band mate from "Summoning") and me. The vocals are done by both of us, as well as with the voice of Julia Lederer (my sister) and Nora El Shamah. The music has a mystic mood with lots of spheric electronic sounds.

1. Einleitung
2. The Serpent's Voice
3. Darkened Skies
4. Quod Olim Erat
5. Beneath the Veil of the Ocean
6. Requiem
7. May No Tears Stain this Holy Ground
8. The Messenger
9. Futile Belief
10.Reflexions Beyond Boundaries
11.Craving Dreams
13.Withering Existence
14.Das Letzte Kapitel