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In Darkness Let Me Dwell

This album is less polyphonic than the last one, but definitely darker and has a more heavy sound focusing on the new singer "Tania" that has a far stronger and classical orientated voice as "Julia". The sound of the songs is now a less reminding on a full orchestra but more "chamber music" orientated, and focusing more on the vocal tunes than on the tunes of the keyboards. Again lyrics from Shelley where used, while the lyrics of the renaissance lute composer "John Dowland" were also used for some songs (such as the title of the CD).

1. Intro
2. Brief even as Bright
3. On a Faded Violet
4. Overpast
5. Cease Sorrows Now
6. In Darkness let Me Dwell...
7. Shall I Strive?
8. Arise from Dreams of Thee
9. From Silent Night