Seven years of waiting had to pass, in order to listen to a new sample of Romantic Dark Wave, better said Emotional and Neo-Classical Dark Wave! Richard Lederer experimented a lot over these 13 years of DVKE existence and every single album of this project is full of particular charm and aroma. If I was to refer briefly to this band, I can say that the debut has been and still is the most inspired, original and wondrous of all times, at least as far as the musical concept is concerned. The second album, made without the participation of Michael Gregor (aka Silenius /SUMMONING), is perhaps the most melancholic and dreamy one, where the feminine voice of Julia Lederer is slightly modest (yet stronger compared with the debut), yet enough fragile for creating a fantastic contemplative atmosphere. The third album brings the change of feminine voice, as Richard/Protector’s ex-girlfriend has a mightier voice, with a lower timbre, allowing the touch of distinct sound valences, even if instrumentally it remains consistent with the previous ones.
After certain failing experiences and several changes in Richard’s life, I am now ascertaining the band’s most expressive and poliphonic album, due to the superb feminine voice, Christina’s – the Hellenic 19 years old adolescent. I can not believe how beautiful this voice sounds! Richard should value this voice’s fantastic features at their most, as this very voice dominates, fascinates and stands out for the new DVKE sound! To put it in folk words, Richard should keep pace with her, to unveil fresh force, more new elements, even a new concept, as he has now found his muse! She is, if you wish, Helen from Troy, the one able to break any form of repetition or weariness that could be wrangled by the meanest and the most critical listener, upsurging the very essence of DVKE’s musical concept. The background sound fades in front of this voice, even Richard’s voice subsides within these new tracks’ accords!
Elaborated or not, more or less distinct, the new work enhance the vocal elements, while in the background, Richard’s instruments sound as majestic and inspired as always, creating a fascinating atmosphere, one that could have only been enliven by this talented Austrian. Obviously, the new sonorities slightly remind SUMMONING, and I am referring to the calm fragments, veiled in an epic aura. Oddly, I was pretty confused after the first two auditions, because a doubt haunted me, uncovering solely the fragility and the emotion within the feminine voice. After listening to it over and over again, completely away from everything around me, I was able to step into DVKE’s realm and I truly state I’m in no mood to leave it. I’ve relistened to all the albums and I can not understand how is it possible for such a project not to gather more admirers, because the created oasis of bitter bliss deserves being devoured by every single one of you!
More appeased than ever before, maybe the finest and the utter Classical of all albums so far, hosting a deep melancholia, “Dusk and Void Became Alive” is the sterling proof that beautiful music can grasp less conventional forms, such as DVKE. If have not listened to this project yet, I recommend you to start immediately! As for those gratified by this band’s music already, I can understand your curiosity/feelings, but telling more about these nine pieces now would be a profanation, moreover you had the opportunity to read an ample interview on its behalf. Uncover’em, love’em, ignore or hate’em, it’s your choise solely! As for me, I shall keep on adoring them all!

Rating: 1/1