lyrics - Come Heavy Sleep
1, The Beginning

2. Come Heavy Sleep
Come heavy sleep, the image of true death
And close up these my weary weaping eyes
Whose springs of tears doth stop my vital breath
And tears my heart with sorrows sight swoll` n cries

3. Sad Silent Home
Away the moor is dark beneath the moon,
And rapid clouds have drunk day's last pale beam,
Gathering winds will call darkness so soon,
Will call the darkness so soon.

Away, away to thy sad silent home,
Pour bitter tears on its desolated hearth,
Watch the dim shades as like all ghosts they go,
Like ghosts they go and come.

4. Misery
Come, be happy and sit near to me,
Shadow-wested, shadow-wested misery,
Unwilling silent bride
Mourning in thy, in thy robe of pride

Come, be happy and sit near to me,
Sad as I may seem, sad as I may seem to thee
I'm happier far than thou,
Lady whose imperial brow is endiademed with woe

Hasten, hasten to the bridal bead
Underneath the, underneath the grave 'tis spread
In gloom may our love hide
I may rest with my eternal bride

Kiss me, kiss me, oh thy lips are cold
'Round my neck, around my neck thin arms, thin arms enfold
They're soft but chill and dead
And thy tears upon my head like points of frozen lead

Clasp me 'till our hearts, till our hearts be grown
Like two shadows, two shadows into one
'Till this dreadful transport may
Like a vapour fade away

We may dream in that eternal sleep
That we are not the kind of those, who weep
Even as pleasure dreams of thee
Thou majest dream of her with me

by Shelley

6. The Past
Walking or asleep, thou of death must deem
Things more true and deep than we mortals dream
We look before and after and pine for what's not
Our sincerest laughter with some pain is fraught

Will thou now forget the happy hours
Which we buried in love's, in love's sweet bowers
Heaping over their corpses so cold
Blossoms and leaves instead of the mold?

Forget the dead and the past? Oh yet,
There are ghosts that may take revenge for it,
Memories that make the cold heart a tomb
Regrets which glide through the spirit's gloom,

By Shelley

7. Unreal Mystery
And the billows of clouds
That roll around you shall sleep
In the light of wondrous days
Where hell and heaven shell leave
You free to the universe of destiny

This world’s the nurse of all
Of all we know and the coming
Of death’s a fearful blow
When all we know or feel
Shall pass like a so unreal mystery

Who painted all those shadows
Those shadows that are beneath the winding caves
The wide winding caves of peopled tombs
Or united the hopes of what shall be
With all the fear and the love for that which we see

9. Waters Of Wide Agony
Many the green isle needs must be
In the sea of misery
Or the mariner who's so worn and won
Never thus could voyage on

Day and night, and night and day
Always drifting on his dreary way
Always been drifting on his dreary way
Closing round vessel's track

When dreamers seem to be
Weltering through eternity
And the dim low line before
Of a so dark and distant shore

Still recedes as ever still
Longing with divided will
But no power to seek or stun
He's ever drifting on and on

Over the unresponding wave
To heaven of the grave
What if there no friends will greet?
What if there no heart will ever meet?

Wanderer wherso'er he may
Can he dream before the day
To find refuge from distress
In friendship's smile and in love's caress

Many the green isle needs must be
In the sea of misery
Or the mariner who's so worn and won
Never thus could voyage on.

Ay, many flowerin' island lie
In waters of wide agony
To such an island a morning was lead
My bark by soft wind piloted.

By Shelley

The End