releases - DVKE
Dusk And Void Became Alive
The music is far more polyphonic again, and due to the new singer "Christina" who has a much higher voice and greater pitch range, i could focus much more on female 2 voices tunes. Although this album braught back the polyphony of "Come Heavy Sleep" it kept the darker style of "In Darkness Let Me Dwell", and also contains more complex kettle drum rhythms.

The lyrics are this time from John Dowland and Girgori Petrenko (who also wrote several lyrics for my dark electro project Ice Ages).

1. Dusk And Void Became Alive
2. Mistrust
3. Winters Night
4. Unquiet Thoughts
5. Cease To Breath
6. Praise Blindness Eyes.
7. Virtues Cloak
8. Moon Muse
9. Catharsis

In Darkness Let Me Dwell
This album is less polyphonic than the last one, but definitely darker and has a more heavy sound focusing on the new singer "Tania" that has a far stronger and classical orientated voice as "Julia". The sound of the songs is now a less reminding on a full orchestra but more "chamber music" orientated, and focusing more on the vocal tunes than on the tunes of the keyboards. Again lyrics from Shelley where used, while the lyrics of the renaissance lute composer "John Dowland" were also used for some songs (such as the title of the CD).

1. Intro
2. Brief even as Bright
3. On a Faded Violet
4. Overpast
5. Cease Sorrows Now
6. In Darkness let Me Dwell...
7. Shall I Strive?
8. Arise from Dreams of Thee
9. From Silent Night

Come Heavy Sleep
This album is going much more into the classical direction than the debut. Due to better equipment the sounds got better and the instruments sound more real, but also my abilities for pholyphonic tune creation increased during the time between the debug and this release. It is maybe the most classic orientated album in the history of DVKE, but not focusing on darkness so much. the vocals are done by Julia, and me this time, as Nora left the band due to lack of interest and "Silenius" focused more on "Summoning". On this album i started to use poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley.

1. The Beginning
2. Come Heavy Sleep
3. Sad Silent Home
4. Misery
5. Dim Atmosphere
6. The Past
7. Unreal Mystery
8. House of Glass
9. Waters of Wide Agony
10.The End

Self Titled
This is the debut album of DVKE. It contains songs composed by silenius (my band mate from "Summoning") and me. The vocals are done by both of us, as well as with the voice of Julia Lederer (my sister) and Nora El Shamah. The music has a mystic mood with lots of spheric electronic sounds.

1. Einleitung
2. The Serpent's Voice
3. Darkened Skies
4. Quod Olim Erat
5. Beneath the Veil of the Ocean
6. Requiem
7. May No Tears Stain this Holy Ground
8. The Messenger
9. Futile Belief
10.Reflexions Beyond Boundaries
11.Craving Dreams
13.Withering Existence
14.Das Letzte Kapitel